About ASFX

Welcome to Altered States FX
- a special make-up effects company run
by David White and based at Shepperton

Formerly known as Carter White FX, a
multi-award winning company, a move to
bigger and better premises at Shepperton
Studios has also prompted a face-lift and
restructuring of the company.

Altered States FX hopes to continue to
give the film, television and music
industries the highest standard of
prosthetic work.

We offer 
a fully equipped workshop and
range of expertise from concept design,
life-casting and sculpting through to the
finished product and on-set application.

As we shift into a new gear, we would also like to thank all the talented prosthetic
artists and technicians who have worked for us over the last eleven years and helped make this possible.


David White began his career at the age of nineteen as an assistant to make-up effects artist Nick Maley in 1982 on
The Keep, directed by Michael Mann
at Shepperton Film Studios.

David then went to work for the
creature effects designer Lyle Conway
on Return to Oz (1983) as a sculptor;
followed by Lifeforce 
(1984) as a
make-up FX artist at Elstree Studios.
In 1985 Lyle Conway invited David to
join the make-up effects team on Little
Shop of Horrors (1985) as senior painter
and animatronics technician of the
Audrey 2 plants.

This was the start of a career that has
spanned over twenty years as both a
prosthetic make-up and animatronic
designer on many films, TV series and

It was following his extensive involvement in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994) as a make-up effects designer that David decided to form his own company Carter White FX in 1995, with business partner Sacha Carter.

Based at Shepperton Studios, Carter White FX went on to work on many different projects with David responsible for overseeing all prosthetic work, from design concept to final on-set application. These include The Hunchback (TNT), A Midsummer Night's Dream (Fox Searchlight Pictures), Walking with Cavemen (BBC) and Tony Scott's Spy Game.

David's work on Robbie Williams in Rock DJ became a multi-award winner for its prosthetic make-up in the Best Special Effects category.

In 2005 a move to a larger workshop within Shepperton Studios prompted the launch of his new company Altered States FX.

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